More Trans-Atlantic Anti-Jacobinism

Benjamin Park is a Ph.D. student doing some really interesting work on nationalism in the early republic. He also contributes to the Junto of Early Americanists Blog. In a round-up of recent scholarship, Park took a look at my article. His key paragraph is this one:

Jerusha Westbury and Anelise Hanson Shrout, eds., “Special Issue: Forming Nations, Reforming Empires: Atlantic Polities in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Early American Studies 11, no. 1 (Winter 2013).

Sorry, I won’t help you cheat by highlighting a single article here. This issue of EAS contains a plethora of fascinating articles on the tangled world of loyalties, allegiances, and affiliations from the early 1700s and well into the 19th century. Topics include Merchants navigating America’s growing capitalist society and their duties as church benefactors, a close analysis of belonging in Equiano’s Interesting Narrative, American Catholics’ balance of national patriotism and Roman allegiance, and Elihu Burrit’s imagined peace through an expanding Anglo-American empire in the face of the 1840s Age of Revolutions. Perhaps my favorite article was Jonathan Den Hartog’s which looks at the interweaving of religion and politics in the Atlantic world’s reaction to the French Revolution.

Thanks, Ben!

The full article is here.

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