Huguenots in the World

Last week my most recent posting went up at the “Religion in American History” site.

I started off the piece with a reference to an internet meme. If I were to draw it up, it would look like this:

The Dos Equis Man reflecting on the AHR

The Dos Equis Man reflecting on the AHR

I wasn’t sure if this would have lowered the tone of the other blog too much, so I’m sharing this image only with you, kind readers.

The context was that I did find an American Historical Review article that I liked (actually, somewhat of a rare occurrence).

In the December 2013 AHR, Owen Stanwood published an interesting piece about the Huguenot diaspora, entitled “Between Eden and Empire: Huguenot Refugees and the Promise of New Worlds.” Huguenots came to British North America and made a tremendous impact, but they also spread throughout the world.

A bonus: see if you can spot any references to Federalist leaders in the piece.

Read all of my comments here.

And, my comments also got noticed on the “Way of Improvement” blog!

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