Cleaning Up My Browser Tabs

Let me start with a confession: I have a tendency to click on links from various sites and then leave them as separate tabs in my browser. Over the course of the week, this makes my browser increasingly unwieldy.

So, this post is a bit of an experiment.

I’ll just record interesting, random things that I read this week. I’ll keep the links, but I’ll be able to close the tabs.

Of course, listing things here in no way implies endorsement. Still, if you’re reading this site, you might find them interesting, too.

Here goes…

41 Maps and Charts that Explain the Mid-West

Hong Kong’s Religious Revolutionaries: Do Christians Make Good Rebels?

Minnesota’s a Great Place to Live

Beware Higher Ed Doomsayers

Jay Case complains about the NYT’s Religion blind-spot

Why Ross Douthat loves Lena Dunham

15 Things You Might Not Know about Iowa

Where are College Football Fans Distributed?

About a book I want to read: How College Works

5 Questions with James K.A. Smith




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