Links: End of 2014 Edition

In preparation for the New Year (which I understand is coming up soon), I thought it would be an excellent time to clear off my browser and post some links, so we can begin again in January.

First, Margaret Abruzzo would like you to know about “Indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors.”

Next, I see that a number of the articles still up concern education. I’ll let you tease out all the connections, but to my mind the thread between them is the on-going significance of real education, which can’t be quantified or commodified or digitized–despite all attempts in the present to do so.

•Steven Rojstaczer on the unhelpfulness of student evaluations.

•Christopher Nelson on why education as more important than the current assessment regime.

•A second Christopher Nelson piece on valuing higher education.

•Pietist Schoolman Chris Gehrz on the best metaphors for a Christian liberal arts education.

•Academic leaders who think faculty get in the way.

On-line courses and the loss of privacy. Are you turning over data to companies unwillingly?

Michael Lindsay and James K.A. Smith in one place? Wow!

Brian Stanley lists 10 Historical Myths about World Christianity.

It’s a throw-back, but since I’ve talked to 3 people about Henrietta Mears this month, John Turner’s post is a great reference.

Publishing for the love of excellent books.

What might it mean to “be an intellectual”?

Miles Mullin on Leadership American-Style.

Big Data and Early American Print.

Finally, the obligatory link to Patriotism and Piety.

OK…Happy New Year!

Image from Spindle Mag


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