Patriotism and Piety on the Web this Week

This has been a great week for getting the word out about Patriotism and Piety.

The week launched with my Research on Religion Podcast with Tony Gill. I’m still really pleased with how that interview went.

That interview also got a lot of traction around the web.

John Fea saw it and linked to it that same day.

Then, on Wednesday, the interview was picked up by RealClearReligion (Wednesday Morning, 1/28), a big aggregator of Religious News Stories.

Then, Friday, the Pietist Schoolman Chris Gehrz linked to it in his web round-up (with the cover image!).

I consider that good coverage!

Today, my web interview with the Historical Horizons Blog, hosted by Calvin College went live. The interview, hosted by Professor Kristin Du Mez was designed to be short and to the point. We hope it generates interest so that people will pick up the book.

Oh, and speaking of that, feel free to pick up the book!

DenHartog Patriotism and Piety Cover


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