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Presenting at the University of Missouri this Friday

I’ll be presenting at the University of Missouri-Columbia this Friday (2/20). The paper I’ll be presenting is “John Jay’s Retirement and the Ends of Federalism.” The event will be held at 3:30 PM in Read Hall, Room 304. I’m grateful to be hosted by the Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy at the University of Missouri.

The description of the event is here.

The event is public, so if you are in the central Missouri area, please feel free to join us!

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Friday Links

It’s that time again when my browser is overburdened with tabs.

Here are a few things that have been of interest to me, of late:

First, last week I waded into the intersection of Pop Culture (Katy Perry) and Early American History (the Illuminati!).

Some Friday Humor–The Founding Fathers are dropped into an American Mall.

Hot Chocolate as a truly American drink. This gives me great comfort as I’m downing hot chocolate in the midst of a Minnesota winter. It also brings to mind the spiced hot chocolate served at Colonial Williamsburg.

On a much more serious note, Rod Dreher wrote some provocative things.

Peter Lawler on the flaws of Scott Walker’s opinion of higher education.

On the griefs that made T.S. Eliot into a real poet.

Churches in Silicon Valley.

Do you miss playing the Oregon Trail or Carmen Sandiego?

And, let’s not forget the obligatory Patriotism and Piety link.

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Presenting about Blogging at UNWSP

Today I’ll have an opportunity to talk to fellow faculty at my institution, Northwestern, about my blogging endeavors. I’m looking forward to talking about the reasons for my blogging, the ties between blogging and scholarship, and some practical considerations. Since I’ll be presenting with my colleague Keith Jones, I have no doubt it will be rollicking time.

However, if all else fails, I’ll be keeping this Monty Python sketch of Philosophers Playing Football (i.e., Soccer) handy:

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