Book Give-away: Kittelstrom Edition

The marketing folks at Penguin recently sent me an extra copy of Amy Kittelstrom’s forthcoming book The Religion of Democracy: Seven Liberals and the American Moral Tradition.

I’ve not read it extensively, yet, but it carries some nice recommendations from well-known historians Jill Lepore, Daniel Walker Howe, and David D. Hall.

Kittelstrom is using intensive intellectual history to create a genealogy of liberalism in America.

I’ll be happy to send this book on to some fortunate reader. To win it, though, requires that you post a comment on this page. In the comment, answer this question: how would you define American liberalism? Be civil, be reflective.

Whoever leaves the best definition by noon on April 24 will get a copy of the book.

The Religion of Democracy


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4 responses to “Book Give-away: Kittelstrom Edition

  1. We have an entry! Via DirectMessage, this from Reader TJ:
    “American Liberalism proclaims “seeking the welfare of the city” to be its highest good. However, this pursuit is often rooted in the individual as arbiter of what is good and just. Actions contrary to the individual’s definition of “life, liberty and happiness” are deemed as unjust, intolerant, and dangerous.”

  2. Jamie Boehmer

    American Liberalism could be defined as a system of thought which views the world through a lens of inequality. American Liberalism views the past as a struggle of those in power against those who are oppressed. This worldview looks for opportunities to level the playing field and work towards equality for all.

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