Book Give-away: Wilsey Edition

IVP Academic provided me with an additional copy of John D. Wilsey’s new book American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea.

You may recall that I interviewed Wilsey a few weeks back about the book.

If that piqued your interest, here’s an opportunity to get a copy.

In the comments below, leave a comment about how you would use or define the concept of American exceptionalism.

The best definition will get a copy of the book.

Comments will be open until February 1.

Define away!


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2 responses to “Book Give-away: Wilsey Edition

  1. For the past several years a growing area of interest has been the question of Western political sovereignty, and in particular how it is coupled with the rise of political theology and civil religions. I am presently translating a book from Italian on the history of political theology from Philip the Fair through the Enlightenment and late modernity, with an epilogue discussing Wikileaks. I’ve read Robert Bellah’s 1967 essay on American civil religion, and John’s book would add a very interesting dimension to that whole study.

  2. Thanks, Michael! Please be in touch with me to claim your copy of the book.

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