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Digital Interview with Nancy Koester

Nancy Koester is the author of a recent biography of Harriet Beecher Stowe. If you are interested in an accessible biography of Stowe that takes her religious beliefs seriously, this biography is for you.

I had the great pleasure of hosting Nancy in my “American Religious History” class this fall. She did a great job.

To continue the conversation and to expose her ideas to other audiences, we set up a digital interview. That interview went live over the week-end at the Religion in American History blog.

Head over there to read the full interview.

I think it’s a good interview for the way it says something interesting about Harriet but also places her in her family context–her father Lyman, her sister Catharine, and her younger brother Henry Ward show up. I contend you can say a whole lot about the trajectories of 19th century American Religion by simply examining the Beecher family.

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